Aqua Bright

Aqua Bright

The transparent colored glass mosaic comes in different shapes. The aqua bright glass mosaic tile is approximately 6mm thick, mounted on fiber glass mesh, and packed 10 sheets in a neutral carton with 0.9 sqm.

Minimum order quantity: 20M2 for each color.





25x25 square shape

  • QB101
  • QB102
  • QB202
  • QB208
  • QB301
  • QB302
  • QB303
  • QB304
  • QB307
  • QB401
  • QB402
  • QB502
  • QB702
  • QB901
  • QB902
  • QB903

Ellipse shape

  • QE101
  • QE102
  • QE202
  • QE208
  • QE301
  • QE302
  • QE304
  • QE307
  • QE401
  • QE402
  • QE502
  • QE702
  • QE901
  • QE902
  • QE903

Round shape

  • QP101
  • QP102
  • QP202
  • QP208
  • QP301
  • QP302
  • QP303
  • QP304
  • QP307
  • QP401
  • QP402
  • QP502
  • QP702
  • QP901
  • QP902
  • QP903


Series Chip Size Sheet Size Quantity/ CTN Sqm/ CTN Kgs/ CTN
mm mm
QP Ф20mm 300x300x6 10 Sheets 0.90sqm 10kgs
QE Ellipse 20x50mm 300x305x6 10 Sheets 0.92sqm 11kgs
QB 25x25mm 321x321x6 10 Sheets 1.03sqm 10kgs


Water absorption 0
Under water Suitable
Outside building Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never

As a China-based glass mosaic tile supplier, Global Bridge also offers ceramic mosaic tile, metal mosaic tile, quartz stone, etc. to suit your various needs. We can manufacture glass mosaic and stones according to customers' specific requirements. With our tremendous experience, we are able to consistently guarantee complete customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality products for our customers. If you purchase these products from our company, we can provide you with convenient transportation, especially sea and air transportation. We look forward to working with you!

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