Creamy Collection

Creamy Collection

Vivid colored glass mosaic collection from creamy glass mosaic tile is available at Global Bridge.

Minimum order quantity: 20M2 for each item.


Water absorption 0
Under water Suitable
Outside building Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5 MOHS
Color fading Never
  • MCY221
  • MCY235
  • MCY241
  • MCY242
  • MCY243
  • MCY245
  • MCY246
  • MCY331
  • MCY332
  • MCY335
  • MCY336
  • MCY341
  • MCY342
  • MCY343
  • MCY344
  • MCY345
  • MCY346
  • MCY431
  • MCY432
  • MCY434
  • MCY437
  • MCY442
  • MCY443
  • MCY445
  • MCY529
  • MCY534
  • MCY536
  • MCY541
  • MCY549
  • MCY631
  • MCY641
  • MCY642
  • MCY723
  • MCY736
  • MCY737
  • MCY831
  • MCY832
  • MCY844
  • MCY846
  • MCY924
  • MCY925
  • MCY939
  • MCY945
  • MCY955

Thank you for browsing our website! Global Bridge is a professional glass mosaic tile supplier, based in China. Our main products are antique mosaic tile, crystal mosaic tile, stone mosaic tile, ceramic mosaic tile and metal mosaic tile. Due to our consistent focus on quality, our products have obtained CE certificate. Our glass mosaic and stones are economically priced because we greatly reduce our production cost due to our easy acquisition of abundant labors and sea transportation. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or feel free to call us directly.

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