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Teakwood Mosaic Tile

Teakwood Mosaic Tile

Teakwood mosaic tile is a new series of our products. We recommend using this product in interior spaces, because it may be deformed due to water absorption if it is used for outdoor applications.

As a perfect building material for interior, teakwood mosaic tile has a booming increase in Europe and provides wild feeling in your room. Paper-mounted and mesh-mounted are both allowable. Minimum order quantity is 20 sqm.per item.


  • WD-F04
  • WD-F04_side
  • WD-U01
  • WD-U01_side
  • WD-U02
  • WD-U02_side
  • WD-U03
  • WD-U03_side
  • WD-U20
  • WD-U20_side
  • WD-U21
  • WD-U21_side
  • WD-U22
  • WD-U22_side
  • WD-UM05
  • WD-UM05_side
  • WD-UM40
  • WD-UM40_side
NO. Series Color Code Chip Size Sheet Size Quantity Coverage area Gross Weight
mm mm kg
Solid Wood Only
1 Uneven surface WD-U01 25×75 300×300 22 sheets 1.98m2 13kg
WD-U02 48×48 300×300 22 sheets 1.98m2 12kg
WD-U03 20×100/20×200 500×300 20 sheets 3m2 13.5kg
WD-U20 45×65 295×295 33 sheets 2.87m2 14.7kg
WD-U21 25×25/10×100 305×305 22 sheets 2.05m2 10.2kg
WD-U22 15×100/150/200 300×300 22 sheets 1.98m2 13kg
2 Flat surface WD-F04 30×60 300×300 33 sheets 2.97m2 16.8kg
Solid Wood & Other Material Combination
3 Uneven surface WD-UM40 15×75/75×75/50×50 300×300 22 sheets 1.98 m2 23.5 kg
WD-UM05 23×23/25×75/48×48 315×315 22 sheets 2.18 m2 27.7 kg

Global Bridge is a China-based glass mosaic, crystal mosaic, stone mosaic, and quartz mosaic tile manufacturer and supplier. Our company is well-known for its fine quality, and we have exported our products to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and so on. Please contact us if you need more information about us.

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