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Basic Color

Basic Color

The enamel mosaic tile is compounded with highly pure quartz powder. It is high in hardness with a lovely and shining colorful surface. The mosaic tile is 12x12mm square, approximately 6mm thick, straight-cut mounted on fiber glass mesh, and packed 7 sheet in a neutral carton with 0.69 sqm.

Minimum order quantity: 20M2 for each item.

  • EEE101
  • EEE204
  • EEE208
  • EEE303
  • EEE504
  • EER101
  • EER201
  • EER204
  • EER208
  • EER503
  • EEW101
  • EEW102
  • EEW200
  • EEW201
  • EEW202
  • EEW206
  • EEW208
  • EEW209
  • EEW302
  • EEW303
  • EEW305
  • EEW306
  • EEW307
  • EEW401
  • EEW402
  • EEW403
  • EEW405
  • EEW406
  • EEW407
  • EEW501
  • EEW503
  • EEW505
  • EEW508
  • EEW603
  • EEW604
  • EEW803
  • EEW902
  • EEW903
  • EP01
  • EP75
  • EP76
  • EP81
  • EP115
  • EP117


Water absorption 0
Under water Suitable
Outside building Suitable
Frost resistance Yes
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Scratch hardness 5.5 MOHS
Color fading Never

Global Bridge is a China-based enamel mosaic tile supplier. Located in Foshan City, we have easy access to low labor, material, and land costs. Our convenient location allows us to ship our crystal mosaic tile, metal mosaic tile, quartz stone at reduced costs. Our products are exported to many countries, including Bulgaria,Brazil, Chile, Ecuador,Egypt, France, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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