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Enamel Collection

Enamel Collection

We at Global Bridge provide a vivid colored glass mosaic collection from enamel glass mosaic.

Minimum order quantity: 20M2 for each item.

  • MEW293
  • MEW121
  • MEW122
  • MEW227
  • MEW229
  • MEW239
  • MEW244
  • MEW322
  • MEW323
  • MEW327
  • MEW328
  • MEW335
  • MEW336
  • MEW423
  • MEW425
  • MEW428
  • MEW433
  • MEW435
  • MEW444
  • MEW447
  • MEW529
  • MEW534
  • MEW536
  • MEW538
  • MEW626
  • MEW634
  • MEW722
  • MEW724
  • MEW725
  • MEW732
  • MEW735
  • MEW836
  • MEW924
  • MEW925
  • MEW928
  • MEW941
  • MEW943

As a China-based enamel mosaic tile supplier, Global Bridge offers crystal mosaic tile, stone mosaic tile, ceramic mosaic tile, etc. to suit your various needs. We can manufacture glass mosaic and stones according to customers' specific requirements. With the advantage of superior quality and reliability, our products are in increasing demand in the Ukraine,Armenia, Angola, Argentina, and Bulgaria, among others. If you have any related need, please feel free to contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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