Color Strip Crystal

Color Strip Crystal

The clear crystal mosaic tile is designed with straight colored veins skillfully crossing the glass surface, making up a beautiful picture. The color strip crystal mosaic tile is 25x25mm square, approximately 4mm and 8mm thick, straight-cut mounted on fiber glass mesh, and packed in a small neutral carton in 1.07 sqm or 0.53 sqm.

Minimum order quantity: 15M2 for each color each size and 50M2 for mixed sizes.


  • 4CSB19
  • 4CSB31
  • 4CSB33
  • 4CSB43
  • 4CSB45
  • 4CSB52
  • 4CSB53
  • 4CSB61
  • 4CSB98
  • 4CSB14
  • 4CSB94


  • 8CSB19
  • 8CSB31
  • 8CSB33
  • 8CSB43
  • 8CSB45
  • 8CSB52
  • 8CSB53
  • 8CSB61
  • 8CSB98
  • 8CSB14
  • 8CSB94

Mix Size

  • 4CSM14
  • 4CSM14 -side
  • 4CSM19
  • 4CSM19 -side
  • 4CSM31

  • 4CSM31 -side
  • 4CSM33
  • 4CSM33 -side
  • 4CSM43
  • 4CSM43 -side
  • 4CSM45
  • 4CSM45 -side
  • 4CSM52

  • 4CSM52 -side
  • 4CSM53
  • 4CSM53 -side
  • 4CSM61
  • 4CSM61 -side
  • 4CSM94
  • 4CSM94 -side
  • 4CSM98

  • 4CSM98 -side
  • 8CSM14
  • 8CSM53
  • 8CSM61
  • 8CSM94
  • 8CSM19
  • 8CSM31
  • 8CSM33
  • 8CSM43

  • 8CSM45
  • 8CSM52
  • 8CSM98

Bamboo Shape

  • 8CSBB33
  • 8CSBB33 -side
  • 8CSBB45
  • 8CSBB45 -side
  • 8CSBB52
  • 8CSBB52 -side
  • 8CSBB53

  • 8CSBB53 -side
  • 8CSBB98
  • 8CSBB98 -side


Color Strip Thickness Series Price Chip Size Sheet Size Quantity Coverage G. Weight
USD/ M2 mm mm Kgs
8 8CSB 36 25x25x8 327x327 5 sheets 0.53 M2 9.3kgs
8CSM 40 23x23/23x48/
300x300 5 sheets 0.45 M2 9kgs
4 4CSB 19 25x25x4 327x327 10 sheets 1.07 M2 9.5kgs
4CSM 25 23x23/23x48/
300x300 10 sheets 0.9 M2 9kgs


Water absorption 0
Under water Suitable
Outside building Suitable
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Color fading Never

Thank you for browsing our website! Apart from color strip crystal, we offer glass tile and ice crystal collection. Enamel mosaic tile, antique mosaic tile and ceramic mosaic tile are also available at Global Bridge, a China-based professional supplier of crystal mosaic tile. For more information on any of our products, please feel free to contact us via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.

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