Glass Tile

Glass Tile

The glass tile is crystal-clear, solid, shiny and smooth. It is soft to the touch and appears warm. The clear crystal mosaic tile presents a unique interaction of light and colors. Sizes of the crystal glass tile range from 100x100x8mm to 300x300x8mm. Other sizes can be customized.

Minimum order quantity: 50M2 for each color and each size.

  • 8C311
  • 8C424
  • 8C515
  • 8CO312


Water absorption 0
Under water Suitable
Outside building Suitable
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Color fading Never

As a China-based crystal mosaic tile supplier, Global Bridge offers stone mosaic tile, ceramic mosaic tile, glass mosaic tile, etc. to suit your various needs. We can manufacture glass mosaic and stones according to customers' specific requirements. With the advantage of superior quality and reliability, our products are in increasing demand in the USA, South America, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Africa, among others. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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