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Toughen Crystal Collection

Toughen Crystal Collection

Highly refined broken glass chips are assembled to form this type of clear crystal mosaic, which is attractive, tough and offers superior quality. The crystal mosaic tile presents a unique interaction of light and colors.

Minimum order quantity: 50M2 for each item.


Water absorption 0
Under water Suitable
Outside building Suitable
Acid and alkali resistance Yes
Color fading Never
  • 101
  • 101F-side
  • 103F
  • 103F-side
  • 301
  • 301F-side
  • 320F
  • 320F-side
  • 501F
  • 501F-side
  • 620F
  • 620F-side
  • 707F
  • 707F-side
  • 803F
  • 803F-side
  • 918F
  • 918F-side

Global Bridge is a professional crystal mosaic tile supplier, located in China. Our main products are glass mosaic tile, enamel mosaic tile, antique mosaic tile, metal mosaic tile and quartz stone. Located in Foshan City, we at Global Bridge are provided with convenient transportation by not only water, but also land and air. The abundant raw materials and labor forces here can help reduce our production cost. For more information, please feel free to contact us via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.

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