Pink Crystal

Pink Crystal

The clear glass tile comes with tiny and shiny colorful powder on it, giving it a gentle shining effect. The pink crystal mosaic tile is 25x25mm square, approximately 4mm and 8mm thick, straight-cut mounted on fiber glass mesh, and packed in a small standard neutral carton.

Minimum order quantity: 15M2 for each color each size.




  • 8PB151
  • 8PB353
  • 8PB552
  • 8PB553
  • 8PB559
  • 8PB855


Pink Thickness Series Chip Size Sheet Size Quantity Coverage G. Weight
mm mm Kgs
8 8PB 25x25x8 300x300 5 sheets 0.45 M2 7.8kgs
4 4PB 25x25x4 327x327 10 sheets 1.07 M2 9.5kgs


Water absorption 0
Under water Not suitable
Outside building Not suitable
Acid and alkali resistance Only neutral detergent suitable
Color fading Slightly after one year

Thank you for browsing our website! Apart from pink crystal, we also offer gold and silver crystal mosaic tile and clear crystal mosaic tile. Glass mosaic tile and enamel mosaic tile are also available at Global Bridge, a China-based professional supplier of crystal mosaic tile. For more information, please contact us via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.

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