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Luster Glazed Mosaic

Luster Glazed Mosaic

The luster glazed glass mosaic features an iridium surface and the splendid color mix gives people a strong impression of the environment.
The luster glazed crystal mosaic tile is used for decoration in shops, restaurants, and clubs where it is necessary to attract attention.

Minimum order quantity: 30 M2 for each color each size.

  • 8LA101
  • 8LA209
  • 8LA316
  • 8LE101
  • 8LN209
  • 8LN316


Series Thickness Chip Size Sheet Size Quantity Coverage G. Weight
mm mm Kgs
8LA 8 20x20x8 305x305 5 sheets 0.47 M2 8 kgs
8LP Ф20x8 mm 296x317 5 sheets 0.47 M2 7.5kgs
8LE 20x50x8mm(ellipse) 284x297 5 sheets 0.42 M2 7 kgs
8LN 20x42x8mm 306x306 5 sheets 0.47 M2 8.2 kgs


Water absorption 0
Under water Not suitable
Outside building Not suitable
Acid and alkali resistance Only neutral detergent suitable
Color fading Slightly after one year

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