Irregular Mix

Irregular Mix

The range of marble stone becomes wider and wider and the volume become larger and larger, along with the growth of economy. Marble takes an important role in people's life. Along with mass mining, industrial manufacture and international trading in the past decades, marble products have greatly entered the construction decoration field. Marble has not only been used in luxury public buildings, but also in residential decoration.

The stone mosaic tile (irregular mix) is made of the natural marble and granite. We use stone slab to be cut and burnished into various dimensions and shapes and then put the chips together to make mosaic patterns.

  • SMI-01
  • SMI-04
  • SMI-07
  • SMI-08
  • SMI-10
  • SMI-102(A)
  • SMI-102(B)
  • SMI-108(A)
  • SMI-108(B)
  • SMI-109
  • SMI-112
  • SMI-113
  • SMI-114
  • SMI-15
  • SMI-19
  • SMI-31(G05)
  • SMI-31(T03)
  • SMI-31(T06)
  • SMI-31(W04)
  • SMI-31(W08)
  • SMI-31(Y01)
  • SMI-31(Y09)
  • SMI-38(B)
  • SMI-38(D)
  • SMI-38(A)
  • SMI-46
  • SMI-47
  • SMI-49
  • SMI-51
  • SMI-58
  • SMI-70
  • SMI-72
  • SMI-74
  • SMI-76
  • SMI-82
  • SMI-83
  • SMI-84(B05)
  • SMI-84(W08)
  • SMI-86
  • SMI-87(G05)

  • SMI-87(T02)
  • SMI-87(T03)
  • SMI-87(W08)
  • SMI-87(Y02)
  • SMI-87(Y11)
  • SMI-88
  • SMI-89(W08)
  • SMI-90(A)
  • SMI-90(B)
  • SMI-90(C)

  • SMI-90(D)
  • SMI-91(A)
  • SMI-91(B)

  • SMI-92(TOO4)
  • SMI-92(W08)
  • SMI-92(Y06)
  • SMI-92(Y09)
  • SMI-93(A)
  • SMI-93(B)
  • SMI-93(C)

  • SMI-96(A)
  • SMI-96(B)
  • SMI-96(C)
  • SMI-98(A)
  • SMI-98(B)
  • SMI-98(C)

As a China stone mosaic tile supplier, Global Bridge provides a comprehensive range of quartz stones, enamel mosaic tiles, antique mosaic tiles, and more. In addition, our glass mosaic and stones are economically priced because we greatly reduced our production cost for our easy acquisition of abundant labors and sea transportation. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or call us directly.

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