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Pebble Stone Mosaic Tile

Pebble Stone Mosaic Tile

Mainly quarried from nature, river stone and natural stone can be made into our pebble stone mosaic tile. We can supply this tile in different styles such as in polished or honed finish, and flat or vertical cutting shape. Cobble stone is also available. You can find this product in gardens, parks, pavements, ponds, fountains, landscapes, etc.

We promise that all the pebble stone mosaic tiles are strictly selected, and so are the cobble ones. The delivery time after deposit will be no longer than 30 days. The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.

Water Absorption Yes
Under Water Suitable
Outside Building Suitable
Thermal Shock Resistance Yes
Chemical Resistance No
  • MSP-01C
  • MSP-01F
  • MSP-01P
  • MSP-02P
  • SLP-BO1
  • SLP-G01
  • SLP-G02
  • SLP-R01
  • SLP-T01
  • SLP-T02
  • SLP-W01
  • SLP-Y01
  • SPP-B01
  • SPP-B01C
  • SPP-B01F
  • SPP-B01P
  • SPP-G01
  • SPP-R01F
  • SPP-R01P
  • SPP-W01F
  • SPP-W01P
  • SPP-Y01F
  • SPP-Y01P
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