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Gold and Silver Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Gold and Silver Ceramic Mosaic Tile

The ceramic mosaic tile comes with a gold and silver surface.
Size: 25x25x5mm
Sheet size: 300x300mm

Minimum order quantity: 50M2 for each color.

  • 5GB21
  • 5GB22
  • 5SB21
  • 5SB22

As a China-based ceramic mosaic tile supplier, Global Bridge provides a comprehensive range of enamel mosaic tiles, antique mosaic tiles, crystal mosaic tiles, and more. Due to our consistent focus on quality, our products have obtained CE certificate. Our glass mosaic and stones are economically priced because we greatly reduce our production cost due to our easy acquisition of abundant labors and sea transportation. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or feel free to call us directly.

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