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Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile

The glazed ceramic mosaic tile which comes in 18.5*18.5mm chip size is your ideal choice in decoration for kitchen, bathroom, and swimming pool. It has unbreakable solid surface and long-lasting cheerful color that never fades. With properties of anti-dust, washable, acid-proof, alkali-proof, and durable, it can create permanent decoration.

The minimum order quantity is 100m2.

  • M18TN201
  • M18TN301
  • M18TN303
  • M18TN305
  • M18TN307
  • M18TN401
  • M18TN501
  • M18TN503
  • M18TN901
Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile
1 M18TN 201,307 18.5X18.5 Mesh-mounted 306x306 11 sheets 1.03 10kgs
2 401, 301, 303, 305, 501, 503
3 901
Characteristics of Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile
Water Absorption <1.0%
Under Water Suitable
Outside Building Suitable
Thermal Shock Resistance Yes
Chemical Resistance Yes
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