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Dynastic Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Dynastic Ceramic Mosaic Tile

The dynastic ceramic mosaic tile is preferred by a wide range of customers for its special antique feeling of Chinese tile. Every piece of mosaic is completely handmade to be special, unique and different from others. Moreover, some small defects like uneven colors are inevitable, which makes the product personalized and full of emotion.

As the water absorption is lowered than before, our dynastic ceramic mosaic tile can be used everywhere you like, even in the swimming pool and other humid places. Additionally, this product achieves three types of glaze effect, such as color glaze, golden glaze and texture glaze. Therein, the color glaze with various shade colors is full of traditional Chinese tastes. The golden glaze possesses metal texture that integrates the modern and antique elements. For its special uneven texture, the texture glaze shows strong visual impact and tactile stimulation.

Our product is designed in various colors, sizes and shapes, adequate to meet different tastes and requirements of customers. This luxury decoration for wall and floor reproduces the pure but splendid appearance of the dynasty in ancient China.

  • 48TDC101
  • 48TDC103
  • 48TDC304
  • 48TDC308
  • 48TDC311
  • 48TDC316
  • 48TDC406
  • 48TDG203
  • 48TDG504
  • 48TDG705
  • 48TDG906
  • 48TDT309
  • 66TDC101
  • 66TDC103
  • 66TDC105
  • 66TDC107
  • 66TDC307
  • 66TDC316
  • 66TDC406
  • 66TDG203
  • 66TDG204
  • 66TDG505
  • 66TDG906
  • 66TDT309
  • 66TDT407
  • 66TDT508
  • 73TDC101
  • 73TDC103
  • 73TDC105
  • 73TDC107
  • 73TDC307
  • 73TDC316
  • 73TDC406
  • 73TDG203
  • 73TDG204
  • 73TDG906
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDC
  • M48TDG
  • M48TDG
  • M48TDG
  • M48TDG
  • M48TDG
  • M48TDT
  • MTD652
  • MTD658
  • MTDC25

  • MTDC45

  • MTDC56
  • MTDC91
  • MTDM42
  • MTDM92
Color Code Chip Size Sheet Size Qty/Ctn M2/Ctn KGS/Ctn
MTDC 56,45,91,25 33.4X33.4 315X315 8sheets 0.8m2 14kgs
MTD6 52,58 45X45HEXAGON 285X245 8sheets 0.56m2 10.5kgs
MTDM 42,92 (19+54)X54 340X235 8sheets 0.64m2 12kgs
Characteristics of Dynastic Ceramic Mosaic Tile
Water Absorption yes
Under Water Not Suitable
Outside Building Not Suitable
Thermal Shock Resistance Yes
Chemical Resistance NO
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