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Aluminum Alloy Mosaic Tile

Aluminum Alloy Mosaic Tile

The aluminum alloy mosaic tile is made of aluminum alloy material. It looks like stainless steel metal mosaic tile, but with added texture and durability. With a new elegant design, metallic quality, strong modern taste, unique structure and pattern, the metal mosaic tile is ideal panel material used for indoor decoration.

The aluminum alloy mosaic tile features anti-pollution property and provides wear, chemical and corrosion resistance due to the oxide film on the surface. The color will never fade. Aluminum mosaic is used in show structures, high-class and high quality show tables and staging. The aluminum alloy mosaic tile is increasingly popular for use as decorative materials in shops, wine bars, dance halls, home supplies, etc.

  • 4AA11
  • 4AA13
  • 4AA50
  • 4AA66
  • 4AA71
  • 4AA86
  • 4AM11
  • 4AYC11
  • MAM11
  • 4AL11
  • 4AN11
  • M4A10L&
  • M4A10L&
  • M4A10L&
  • M4A10L&
  • M4AA131
  • M4AA221
  • M4AA334
  • M4AA436
  • M4AA522

  • M4AA533
  • M4AA562
  • M4AL&
  • M4AL&
  • M4AYC135
  • M4AYC221
  • M4AYC334
  • M4AYC436
  • M4AYC522
  • M4AYC533

  • MBAY334
  • MBAY436
  • MBAYC132
  • MBAYC222
  • MBAYC334
  • MBAYC525

Size: 20x20x4mm. Other sizes can be customized.

Minimum order quantity: 10 M2 for each color each size.


Chip Size Sheet Size No. per Carton Sqm. per Carton Weight
20x20x4mm 308x308mm 20 sheets 1.9m2 7.9kgs
15x30x4mm 300x300mm 20 sheets 1.8 m2 7.5kgs
15x15+15x48+15x98x4mm 308x308mm 20 sheets 1.90 m2 7.8 kgs

As a China-based aluminum alloy mosaic tile supplier with over 10 years of experience, we at Global Bridge can offer customers a wide range of glass mosaic and stones, including glass mosaic tile, enamel mosaic tile, antique mosaic tile, and more. All our products are CE certified, so you can be assured in using them. Through the consistent efforts of our dedicated staff, we provide high quality and low priced products. Our products are well received by our customers in Australia, Singapore, Syria, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few. Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in our glass mosaic and stones.

300x300mm 11 sheets 0.99 m2 8.8 kgs
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