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Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile

Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile

Sleek and cold are the key impressions of the stainless steel mosaic tile. It is made up of a body of ceramic tile and a layer of stainless steel. The ceramic body provides easy installation while the steel layer makes a stylish turnover of the whole look of the tile. This tile has enormous different shapes. Drawing finish, glossing finish, and matt finish are all available.

We choose the most durable and corrosion resistant No.304 steel for this stainless steel mosaic tile, so this product has various advantages such as anti-dust, acid-proof, alkali-proof, washable, and long lasting.

The minimum order quantity is 10m2.

  • MSSh01GD
  • MSSh01GD -side
  • MSSY01GD
  • MSSY01GD -side
  • SS601D
  • SS601D -side
  • SSB01D
  • SSB01D -side
  • SSbd01D
  • SSbd01D -side
  • SSM01D
  • SSM01D -side
  • SSP01D
  • SSP01D -side
  • SSY001D
  • SSY001D -side
  • SSU01-A
  • SSU01-A_side
  • SSU02-A
  • SSU02-A_side


CODE Chip Size Sheet Size Sheets/CTN Coverage G.W./Ctn
SSB01D 25x25x8mm SquareE 305x305 11 sheets 1.02M3 13.5KGS
SSP01D Φ20x8mm Round 302x302 11 sheets 1M2 13KGS
SS601D 26x26x4mm Hexagon 306x321 18 sheets 1.77M2 16KGS
MSSY01GD 15x15x8mm Square 302x302 11 sheets 1M2 13KGS
SSbd01D 23x23/60x8mm Brick 284x298 11 sheets 0.93M2 13KGS
SSM01D 11x11/48x8mm,23x23x8mm 295x295 11 sheets 0.96M2 13KGS
MSSh01GD 48x48,23x23x8mm 298x298 11 sheets 0.98M2 13KGS
SSYO01D 10x100x6mm Brick 304x299 11 sheets 1M2 12KGS
Characteristics of Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile
Water Absorption None
Under Water Not Suitable
Outside Building Suitable
Thermal Shock Resistance Yes
Chemical Resistance Yes
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