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Slim Quartz Stone

Slim Quartz Stone

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

As thin as ceramic tile, the slim quartz stone which is 6.5mm (1/4 inch) thick can provide you with a new choice of stone impression building style. Due to the ultra-thin outline, it can save a lot of shipping cost and installation charge, and the weight of each floor of the building is much reduced. As we all know, quartz stone is characterized by high hardness. It is a wise choice to apply it on the wall and floor in shopping mall, hotel, airport, and many other service buildings to create modern and luxury outline.

There are 4 options for thickness: 6.5mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 20mm. For one color and one thickness, the minimum order quantity is 100m2.

  • QSG121
  • QSG122
  • QSG125
  • QSG224
  • QSG228
  • QSG327
  • QSG527
  • QSG722
  • QSG924
  • QSJ121
  • QSJ222
  • QSJ223
  • QSJ228
  • QSJ325
  • QSJ722
  • QSJ725
  • QSJ825
  • QSJ926
  • QSP121
  • QSP228
  • QSP426
  • QSP825
  • QSR222
  • QSR227
  • QSR526
  • QST224
  • QST227
300X300X6.5MM 16PCS/CTN 48CTNS/PLT X20 1382.4M2 /20'
600X600X6.5MM 6PCS/CTN 28CTNS/PLT X20 1209.6M2 /20'
800X800X6.5MM 6PCS/CTN 16CTNS/PLT X20 1228.8M2 /20'
300X300X10MM 10PCS/CTN 48CTNS/PLT X20 864M2 /20'
600X600X10MM 4PCS/CTN 28CTNS/PLT X20 806.4M2 /20'
800X800X10MM 3PCS/CTN 16CTNS/PLT X20 614.4M2 /20'
Characteristics of Slim Quartz Stone
Water Absorption 0.01%
Under Water Not Suitable
Outside Building Not Suitable
Thermal Shock Resistance Yes
Chemical Resistance Yes
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      Minimum order quantity: 50M2.