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We introduce modern and reliable equipment to make quality products. Furnace is used for making the glass mosaic. As you can see in the picture, the melting liquid is falling down into the mould of mosaic.
After cooling, the melting liquid forms solid loose mosaic chips. The following picture shows that the mosaic chips are being collected by machines and then put into the baskets. The loose mosaic chip will be processed into sheets through mesh mounting or paper mounting.
The glass mosaic could be used for splicing the mosaic murals and puzzles. Customized murals, puzzles and blends are available. Our product will be delivered with good conditions because of our excellent package and experienced loading.
Other Products
    1. Pink CrystalThe pink crystal mosaic tile is 25x25mm square, approximately 4mm and 8mm thick, straight-cut mounted on fiber glass mesh, and packed ...
    1. Steel Vs CrystalCrystal glass tile mixed with cool steel mosaic is available at Global Bridge.
      Minimum order quantity: 50M2.
    1. Dream CrystalThis type of clear glass tile comes with tiny and shinny colorful powder on the surface and wavy background, creating a gentle shining effect.
    1. Luster Glazed CollectionThe luster glazed collection of glass mosaic comes with an iridium surface. The splendid color mix gives people a strong ...